MD presents Town with $1.9 MIL IMCP Funding

Town & MD of Bonnyville forge ahead on Intermunicipal Collaboration

The Municipal District (MD) of Bonnyville attended Town of Bonnyville Council on Tuesday evening, to present the Town with a cheque for $1,963,686.48 representing the 2016 Intermunicipal Collaboration Program (ICMP) funding. These funds are in addition to the Regional Community Development Funds, Centennial Centre and Airport funding that is provided to the Town from the MD, to total $3,840,829.48 in 2016.

The MD has committed $3,839,146 in ICMP funding for 2017 to the Town of Bonnyville. Entering the second year of the ICMP agreement between the two municipalities. Mayor of Bonnyville, Gene Sobolewski says the Town is very thankful for the funding.

“I want to thank the MD, on behalf of Town Council, for the collaborations and contributions that we’ve seen, over the past three years. It’s been phenomenal,” Mayor Sobolewski says last year the over $3.8 million in funding through the ICMP went to offset the cost of several projects. Projects such as; 51st Avenue Infrastructure Project, annual road upgrades, crosswalk lights at the Centennial Centre, and the connector road from the Beau Vista Subdivision to the 7-Eleven in the east end of town.

Money for this year has been allocated for several projects, explains the Mayor, “the paving of Gurneyville Road, paving 66th street,” along with other major projects. “Without that contribution the Town would not be able to achieve as much as we do.”

Reeve for the MD of Bonnyville, Reeve Ed Rondeau says the MD is happy to be able to help its municipal neighbours, “the MD is pleased that we can continue to support regional cooperation. This is part of the cooperation, to be able to share some of the assets with our neighbours and friends, so that we can get things done as a region and for the benefit of the region.”

The Town and the MD also announced that funding will be allocated for a General Investigation Section (GIS) Unit to be established in Bonnyville. The unit will focus on drug, theft, and other crimes of that nature; long-term investigations, plain clothes investigations, etc. More information on this unit will be provided in the next couple days on LCN. 

The MD of Bonnyville also provides funding through the ICMP to the Hamlet of Glendon and the City of Cold Lake.