Friday , 16 April 2021

Renegades Host Peewee Finals Sunday

The Bonnyville Peewee Renegades defeat Wainwright 60-19 to move onto finals

“We’ve had a great season, it’s a great bunch of kids and they’re very well put together and very well coached,” Head Coach of the Bonnyville Peewee Renegades, Kevin Sartain says it’s most certainly not a solo effort on the field. “Not just me, the assistant coaches are very well prepared and organized. We have very good practice plans and very good game plans. We execute efficiently. We’re tough to stop.”

Wainwright came very well prepared and put a run on the squad early, says Sartain. “Wainwright came out firing, they came to play! They weren’t just laying down for us, giving us the win. They came out and had a 30 yard run-back on our starting kick-off. They made some yards and we’re pounding hard.”

It wasn’t enough to hold off the sheer force of the Renegades. The coach boasts that normally in Peewee football there five or six very talented kids and those kids tend to carry the team. Not the case for the Renegades. “We call them star players. Then you have the rest of your players, who are younger and not as athlete. Well, I have 12 star, athletic, hard-hitting players. The rest of the team is all athlete. They’re all good players and they’re all going to be start players. They’re all very in tune with each other; they want to win and that’s what they’re going to do.”

With 44 kids on the team, it’s thanks to a strong coaching staff that Sartain is able to achieve success with the Renegades.

  • Josh Jubinville Offensive Coordinator
  • Rhody Reid Defensive Coordinator
  • Jason Morgan Defensive Coordinator
  • Derek Newman Special Teams & Drills
  • Steve Critch Offensive Drills
  • Jeremy Hallett Junior Coach Voyageur Player
  • Calvin Fraser- Marks Junior Coach Voyageur Player

The Renegades will take tonight off, as coach says “you can’t let a championship get in the way of kids being kids.” He encourages his squad to get out and enjoy Halloween – treats and all! Sunday the squad will hit Walsh Field in Bonnyville for a 1:00 pm kick off against the Lloydminister Steelers.

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