Friday , 23 April 2021

Go South in Cold Lake North at Mamacita’s Mexican Restaurant

Bringing Mexico to the Lakeland

Wow! This Mexican restaurant brings a bit of Mexico to our cold Canadian fall, a trip south without the 7 hour flight!
We arrived at 5:40pm to a very packed restaurant. We stood at the entrance for a minute waiting to be seated, hoping we would get that last table that was empty. The door opened behind us. A man and young girl came in. The man stopped and asked us if we had been helped. We said not yet, that we had just arrived. He said he would be right with us, and we realized that he was one of the owners.

He came back a minute later and sat us at that one empty table. Those that came in behind us had a wait for a table. The owner later explained that there was a staff was off sick and he had to go get his daughter to help out, truly a family restaurant!
The staffing issue didn’t slow down service by very much. We had our drinks very quickly and by the time we ate our appetizer, our entrees were put in front of us.
We ordered the Chilaquiles as our appetizer. This was described on the menu as Mexican Poutine. The chips were sauted in a meat sauce with mozzarella cheese and tipped with cilantro, onions and sour cream. My first bite was full of flavor with a high note of cilantro but the meat and chili flavors mingling well. The cheese was a bit lacking for our Canadian palates. Still very tasty.
I was impressed with the huge choice of gluten free items on the menu which were all clearly marked. In fact the majority of the menu is gluten free and the kitchen keeps the cross contamination issue to a minimum by dedicating prep areas.
I ordered the Pupasas which is a Salvadorian stuffed tortilla served with rice and salad. The house dressing for the salad was served on the side. This is now my favorite house dressing! Again, cilantro was featured, but not overbearing in the light sweet dressing. The Pupasas was a plain looking tortilla but more than made up for looks in flavor. It was absolutely delicious.
Jan ordered the Burrito. I was amazed that he was able to finish it. This is one huge Burrito, meaty and cheesy. His entrée was also served with rice and salad as well as as sides of salsa.
Service by one of the owners was attentive. He made a point of checking on every table. We were able to meet the chef, the other owner and compliment her on the food. We also learned that they will be expanding their space in the near future so look forward to this.
We were delighted with our dining experience at Mamacita’s. Do get there early or phone for a reservation as at this time there is only 33 seats.
Atmosphere 4 out of 5
Service 4.5 out of 5
Food 4.7 out of 5
Take a drive to Cold Lake North and check out Mamacita’s.

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