Monday , 20 September 2021

New Administration Building in Fishing Lake Celebrates Sod Turning

Fishing Lake will soon have a new administration building, that will open access to a number of services available to the membership, as well as, become the new home of the Metis Settlement’s administration staff and Council Chambers. Chair for the Fishing Lake Council, Terry Parenteau is excited for the opportunities that will come with the new building.

The building, with timber and stone accents, was designed by Cory Gene-Leniuk of JMAA Architecture firm and will be constructed by GenMac. Along with an appealing exterior, that’ll surely be the pride of the membership, the facility comes with many services and features that members will be able to access. The computer kiosk right off the front entrance was an important feature, says Parenteau, “the reference kiosk is computers for our membership to use. We currently have one in our administration office and it’s utilized by our membership quite a bit. It’s something that we wanted to bring from where we have it now to the new building.” The kiosk will feature three new computers with internet access, available for use by the membership, “we do have our trials and tribulations with the community having access to the new technologies,” this will be a way for everyone to have access to a computer, as well as the internet.

Across the hall from the computer kiosk will be the new Council Chambers, with seating available in the gallery for the membership. Parenteau says all regular Council meetings are open to the membership and will continue to be open once moved into the new building. “All regular scheduled Council meetings are public and will continue to be public.” Parenteau explains until the building is complete, general meetings are held in the communiplex and Council Meetings in the admin building, “this will allow us to hold our monthly general meetings in our new building.”

The facility also features two large meeting rooms, that can be used by community groups, “the meeting rooms will be used by any of the departments that are needing the space.” There will be a dedicated office space for ADAC, as well as a separate entrance to that section of the building.

The building will also have an office for a RCMP member, explains Parenteau, “we’ve negotiated through the LTA (long term arrangement) a dedicated police service for all the metis settlements. We do have a dedicated officer for the Fishing Lake Metis Settlement, which is located in Elk Point. This is their remote office.” Parenteau explains, along with an RCMP member, Council is looking at creating full-time security staff.

Parenteau admits he is excited for the building to be complete and the new opportunities it will be bring the membership, as well as Fishing Lake as a whole. “The whole building is just incredible for Fishing Lake, I don’t think there’s one exact portion of the building that I can say I’m excited for, because I’m excited for the whole building.” The facility is scheduled to be complete in 12 months, for October of 2017.


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