Friday , 23 April 2021

MD presents Town with $474K in IMCP Funds

$5 MiL will be shared with municipal neighbours

The Municipal District (MD) of Bonnyville presented the Town of Bonnyville with $474, 713 in Inter-Municipal Cooperation Program funding on Wednesday. Reeve for the MD Ed Rondeaus says the money is to be used to better the community.

“It’s a $5,000,000 program, set up by the MD, to help the communities around us, so that the whole region benefits.” Reeve Rondeau explains the funds, in part, come from linear assessment, “the legacy, if you will, of the oil companies. We use that money to help out other communities.” The MD also provides funding through the ICMP to the Village of Glendon and the City of Cold Lake. “The monies we gave are operating funds, that the Town of Bonnyville can use, no strings attached.” Some of the funding requires matching funds from the Town in order to access it. While the $474, 713 presented on Wednesday does not have that stipulation.

“We’ve been working hard to keep the atmosphere [of working with our municipal neighbours] going, as much as possible.” Reeve Rondeau explains the region has been taking steps in working together to achieve goals for the greater good. “Sometimes there’s disagreements, but overall we work to overcome those and keep it going in a positive nature.”

The Reeve says it’s important for the MD to work with its neighbours, “if you don’t work together, the region suffers. I like to call it a regional cooperation, because that’s what it is. Some people would prefer maybe regional government; but I think we all vary so much and represent different groups of people, that are not necessarily in one community, but in another. I think that regional cooperation is the way to go and it’ll maintain the autonomy of each municipality.


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