Monday , 21 September 2020

Bonnyville Fall Clean-up

Town-wide clean-up October 11-14th

The Town of Bonnyville is partnering with various like-minded individuals to clean up the community.

Back Lane Clean-up: place items like large furnaces or appliances in your back alley and the town will pick up and dispose. Car body pick up is by appointment only; tires, batteries and fuel must be removed from the car prior to pick up. Call 780-826-3550 to arrange. Large items must be in the back alley by 7:30 am on Tuesday, October 11th, for pick-up. No appointment necessary. Town equipment will not travel on private property.

Yard Waste Clean-up: Residents will have the long weekend to clean their yards and have the waste ready for pick up Tuesday, October 11th at 7:30 am. This pick up is restricted to yard waste; example: tree branches under 3 feet and general yard debris. Materials not picked up: Sod, rocks, construction material, household hazardous waste, and cat or dog feces.

The Recycle Compound: Now accepting electronics, books, office paper, magazines, rinsed glass jars, rinsed tin cans, rinsed plastic containers, plastic bags, and paint.

Town Landfill: waste oil, tires, propane bottles, cardboard, and steel are collected and recycled.

Compost Materials: grass clippings, garden refuse, leaves (must be bagged), and plant material. Set compostables in the back, in a neat pile, separate from any other waste. Set out at the same time as your regular program. For this ONE-TIME only program, do not mix with other materials. Do not bag or box this material.

If you need more information contact the Town of Bonnyville’s Public Work’s Department: 780-826-3550.


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