Jr B Ice asks for the City’s Support

Hockey club wants more kids to be able to attend hockey games

The Cold Lake Jr B Ice presented plans to City Council on how the municipality can help give back to the hockey club and its fans. Mayor for the City of Cold Lake, Craig Copeland says the club is asking for the City to donate kids’ tickets so more families and kids can attend games. The club was also asking for a share of the proceeds from the World Jr A Challenge (WJAC) exhibition game and for assistance in a payment plan for the organization to pay off its debt to the City.

“The request was for the City to buy 500 seats so kids could go to the Jr B games,” the tickets would be sold at the kids’ rate and cost the City $2,500.00 for the season. Should the City decide to buy the kids’ tickets, the tickets would then be distributed to local schools and other youth groups so kids can attend games for free.

President of the Cold Lake Jr B Ice, Les Wilson, also presented to Council an idea on how both the City and the organization can work together to make to profit off the WJAC exhibition game. “The hockey game, Canada West versus the US, on December 9th, they’re asking to help out with that. They’re asking to do the 50/50 and split the proceeds with the City,” Mayor Copeland says the Ice have handheld machines they use at their games and have offered to use the machines to make the selling process easier. “They want to run the bar and split the proceeds with the City.” The City recently voted to have free youth admission at the game.

The organization also asked Council in assistance with a repayment plan for debt owed to the City.

Mayor Craig Copeland says all the issues will likely be in front of Council for decisions over the course of the next couple months.