Saturday , 11 July 2020

Clark’s General Store Cold Lake

One of our favorite places in Cold Lake

We love the marina and Clark’s is right across the street so is it any wonder that we love to come here? The location is only one part of loving Clark’s. The atmosphere, the service and the food all combine to make a great treat for dining out.



The only downfall is the limited choices for gluten-free. However, I have been very happy with the barbequed chicken dish. Messy and tasty, diced chicken breast, grilled with onions and mushrooms then bathed in barbeque sauce and served with fries, it is a fun dish. Lots of napkins needed for this one!


Jan ate the fish and chips. Freshly battered halibut which he enjoyed but couldn’t help telling me about how wonderful REAL fish and chips were in England! The fries were not homemade, but still tasty.

It’s too bad our fishing luck was poor that evening, as Clark’s offers to fry up your fresh catch for you! That would have been great to try. Sigh, next time!

The atmosphere is incredible. This building was originally a general store. The tin ceiling and walls have been lovingly restored. Many of the furnishings are original and I love checking out the shelves full of old items.


Food 4 out of 5

Service 4 out of 5

Atmosphere 4.5 out of 5

Well worth your time to check out Clark’s!

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