Sunday , 5 July 2020

Yes My Chef! Player’s Lounge

This week’s review is on the local lounge, Player’s Lounge

We loved the atmosphere here, clean, modern and with the music at a level that we could comfortably carry out the conversation. Sadly, the place (on Wing Night) was only ¼ full.
Jan ordered a draft Canadian and I had their drink special, the Player’s Caesar. My drink was great, with the rimmer of coarse seasoning and garnished with both lemon and lime wedges as well as an asparagus spear. Jan’s draft was stale and he ended up ordering a draft Coor’s instead, which was much better.
Our appetizers of potato skins for me and calamari for Jan arrived and we dug in. Both plates were nicely arranged. My potato skins were wonderful, with some barbeque sauce on the base of the potato for an extra kick of flavor. I have to say, these are the best potato skins I have had. Jan’s calamari were done to perfection, not overcooked with a surprise of some cayenne pepper in the coating. Excellent.

Our entrees arrived just as we were finishing our appies. Nicely timed, kitchen! I had ordered the Feta, Cran and Mango Salad. I poured on some dressing before tasting it, and my first bite was a mouthful of vinegar. I think the dressing was an Italian, however, no mango anywhere. I did tell the server that I am Celiac, but if they substitute, they should let me know. The salad itself was good where I had not poured on the dressing.
Jan ordered the Penne. It came out nicely baked, however, the Italian sausage was cut into finger-like slices and added to the dish. Jan suggested that instead, the sausage meat should be taken out of the casing and cooked with the sauce to enhance the flavor and be more pleasing to the eye.

Our server did come back to check on us after serving the entrée and bring more drinks. She did forget to clear some of the dishes out of our way, however. When Jan told her the Canadian was stale, she didn’t ask what he would like, or take it off the bill. We were also not told about the specials, nor Wing Night. Servers, you need to sell the menu!
Overall, our meal and drinks came to over $80.00. Not worth that price especially since my main course was a salad without any meat for over $15.00. We will be back for the appies but would probably not order a meal again.
Atmosphere 4 out of 5
Food 3.8 out of 5
Service 3 out of 5

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