Bengals suffer first loss of Season to Mustangs; FGM Wins Golf Zones

Elk Point sports report with Doug “the Sportshound” Bassett

Photo Credit: Margaret Bayduza

Sounds like I’m going to become a blogger, according to my daughter Jena the editor. Not really sure what that means, but I she said just keep doing what I do. A few weeks ago she told me I went viral…don’t know what was either, sounded like kind of disease to me, but she said its a good thing too.

Just in, the F.G. Miller high school junior boys have just won the school Zone I team golf and will be going to provincials for the first time in about 20 Years. Congratulations to Kaiden’ K.Rock’ Evans Anderson,  Nick ‘Sparky’ Anderson, Parker ‘Park Avenue’ Allen and ‘In-Zane’ Cribions.

Left to Right: Park Avenue, In-Zane, Sparky, K-Rock & Coach Jonathan Randell
Left to Right: Park Avenue, In-Zane, Sparky, K-Rock & Coach Jonathan Randell

Looks like our St. Paul Bengals got a bit of an eye opener this past Saturday when they hosted the league leading Lloydminster Mustangs. Running wild, just like their name, the Mustangs were a little hard to tame, and the Bengals just couldn’t seem to keep them contained! Both teams coming into this game undefeated and things looked really good for the Bengals in the first quarter when they got two touchdowns, the first one they failed to make the conversion, but picked up a two -point conversion on the second one to make it 14 to zip at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter Elk Point imported safety, ‘Ty Cobb’ Smereka with a tackle on the 21yard line to save a touchdown, another Elk Point product, the defensive corner Charlie’ the Angel’ Rogal coming up with a big tackle as well, this one on the 8 yard line to save another touchdown, but after that it was all down hill for the Bengals. The Mustangs scoring two unconverted touchdowns in the second quarter to make it 14 to 12 when the teams retired to the club house for half time. In the second half, the Mustangs defense putting a halt to the Bengals, and their passing and rushing game was really motoring now, they put 30 points on the board.

The only thing the Mustangs failed to do well was the conversions. They failed on five touchdowns to make a conversion. Obviously something really wrong with either their place kicker, their holder or the center man doing the long hut. Rookie defensive tackle, another one of Elk Point boys,  Chayse ‘ Big Papi’ Pankiw getting some playing time towards the end of the game, making a tackle to turn over the play on third and short.

With noting to lose the second string players getting a little game time, the coaches staff giving them a chance to make an impression.  You can bet that the next time these two teams meet, the Bengals will be a little hungrier for some horse meat!!

And now for the K. A. Campbell quote of the week. ‘ Only those who have the patience to do simple things perfectly ever acquire the skill to do difficult things easily .’ -James j. Corbett