Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87 Council Highlights

September 14th, 2016

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Biological Pest Control – The Agriculture and Waste Department has released six trays of Canada Thistle Stem Mining Weevils in three trial plots. This is the initial phase of developing an alternative to spraying for one of our more noxious weeds – Canada Thistle. The Ag Department plans to increase the number of release locations next year in priority areas such as sloughs with high thistle numbers. Canada Thistle is an invasive species that reproduces through a horizontal root system and by seed. The seeds can remain dormant for up to 20 years. The Stem Mining Weevil restricts its feeding to the Canada Thistle and a few close relatives. The bugs are released in the fall as adults. They feed on the plant until heavy frost forces them into hibernation. In the spring, the adults feed on the thistle rosettes, they then mate and the larvae tunnel into the lower stem and down into the root collar of the weed.

Planning and Development Update – In August, 28 development permits including 25 New Residential Building Permits, two Industrial Permits and one Recreational Permit were issued, with a year-to-date total of $17,322,221. Year-to-date housing starts include 34 Single Family Dwellings and 14 Mobile Home Units. Twenty-two applications for Subdivisions have been received in 2016. In August, 75 Plumbing, Gas, Sewer and Electrical Permits were issued.

Public Safety Update – Now that school is back in session, Public Safety Officers are patrolling around Ardmore School, checking for speeders on Main Street to ensure students are able to walk to and from school safely. They are also patrolling rural school bus routes to ensure vehicles are not passing the buses while their red lights are flashing. School Resource Officers have started their programming for the 2016-17 school year, adding the Art Smith Aviation Academy to the program roster. Officers continue to deal with various dog complaints, including a dangerous dog, those running at large and others for excessive barking. Officers are concluding a number of Unsightly Property files, some of which have required a lot of time, as staff track down ownership after property foreclosures. Banks often do not have a person who is responsible for maintaining the properties.

Winter Is Coming – Pre-season projects are wrapping up at Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort as work on the new Terrain Park gets underway. The Ridge is celebrating its 35th Anniversary this year, so watch and the Facebook page for special events throughout the season.

Ag and Waste News –The M.D. is accepting obsolete or unused agriculture chemicals at the ASB/Public Works Shop from September 26 until October 4. Under the Obsolete Agriculture Chemical Collection Program, the chemicals will be sent to St. Paul for disposal. M.D. staff inspected 337 canola fields throughout July and August with zero samples showing positive for Clubroot. The M.D had two previous fields that were confirmed positive and are on restrictive crop rotation. Staff are urging farmers to take proactive measures to prevent contaminating fields with Clubroot spores that could be brought in by new machinery or custom applicators. The M.D. now has Tire Marshalling Areas at the Therien, La Corey and Goodridge landfill sites. Next year the department will apply for a $30,000 grant to construct a marshalling area at the Fort Kent Landfill.

Transportation & Utilities Update – The change in weather has allowed all crews to catch up with the road priorities list. The Construction Crew has completed work on Township Road 630 and has moved into Ardmore to complete the intersection at Highway 28. The Oiling Crew is now making progress. Crews have completed Range Road 424 and Twp. Rd. 602. Crews are currently working on Rge. Rd. 434 (Tower Road) and Rge. Rd. 451. Crews will be working on Rge. Rd. 421 once the City of Cold Lake has completed the septic haul resulting from a sewer main break. The Paving Crew has completed Rge. Rd. 485. The Base Crew is working on Twp. Rd. 624 and should complete the project, if weather conditions allow. Baywood Road will be cement stabilized and base paved for one mile as soon as the contractor confirms availability. The remainder of the work in Cherry Grove will be completed once the intersection treatment is done. Crane Lake Road (Rge. Rd. 444) is completed. The Ardmore Surface Works Project contractor is continuing to work on the completion of the paving. An extension of November 30 was granted to the Ardmore Underground contractor, as weather delayed the project. Over five acres has been purchased on the east side of Ardmore for a storm pond. The Construction Crew is currently using this location as a borrow source. Council will be doing a Road Tour at the end of September to develop the 2017 Road Priority List.

 Briefly – Council amended Bylaw No. 1522 to reduce the Standby Fee for a fire truck from $615/hr to $500 per unit per day as the previous rate was prohibitive for most groups looking for event standby. Council gave third and final reading to Bylaw No. 1286 for an updated Municipal Disaster Services Agency Bylaw.


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