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Municipal District of Bonnyville Council Highlights: August 24th

Highlights from the August 24th MD of Bonnyville Council Meeting

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Seasonal Change – The changing leaves aren’t the only indication that winter is just around the corner. Camping season is wrapping up, with all M.D. of Bonnyville campgrounds scheduled to close on Sunday, September 11. But that means the M.D. is gearing up for winter. The online Kinosoo Ridge Snow Resort season pass sale launched on August 22. Go to www.kinosoo.ca to get a deal and sign on for winter fun. The sale ends Sunday, September 18. Parks staff continue to make improvements to M.D. campgrounds – clearing the walking trail at Wolf Lake, repairing the Ethel Lake boat launch and installing a new outhouse, as well as improving the boat launch at Pelican Point.


Weather Disturbances – Mother Nature is not cooperating with the Transportation and Utilities Department’s roadwork program. Rain has heavily hampered the 2016 construction season. The Construction Crew’s project on Township Road 630 has been delayed, as anyone who has travelled to French Bay can attest. Once the sun starts shining again, this work will be completed and the crew will move to Ardmore to work on the Highway 28 intersection. Despite the weather delays, the Oiling Crews have made some progress, completing three miles of Rip and Relay on Range Road 435, 1.5 miles of Rip and Relay on Twp. Rd. 614, one mile of Rip and Relay on Rge. Rd. 424 and one mile of Rip and Relay on Twp. Rd. 602.  They are starting three miles of new oiling on Rge. Rd. 434 (Tower Road) and one mile of Rge. Rd. 421 (Bamber Road). The Paving Crew has completed 3.5 miles of Northshore Heights Road and one mile of Rge. Rd. 485. The base paving crew is continuing to work on Rge. Rd. 485. The Paving Crew is moving to Twp. Rd. 624 next and then completing the west side of the intersection of Hwy. 28. The Ardmore Surface Works project is behind schedule, as the curbs that have been placed are being removed and replaced with the correct profile. The Ardmore Underground Works schedule is being reviewed as additional work was requested. Cement stabilization will be used on the next mile of Baywood Road paving. Council approved the purchase of a replacement grader for a maximum cost of $425,000. The Winter Road Sand Tender was awarded to JMB Crushing Systems for $10/tonne for a total cost of $100,000.


 Agricultural Update – The first pass of the Roadside Mowing Program was completed at the beginning of August. Subdivisions and hamlets are currently getting their second pass. Main arterial roads will have a complete mow done to the fenceline and small brush will be taken out at the same time. Over 500 km of roadway was sprayed for bush and noxious weeds this year. All crop pest surveys are complete and show lower numbers of grasshoppers, Bertha Army Worms and Lygus Bugs. The M.D. received a Tire Marshalling Grant for the Therien Transfer Site. The $30,000 Alberta Recycling grant was for the construction of a pad site and the installation of cement blocks.


Planning and Development News – In July, 23 development permits including 17 New Residential Building Permits, five Industrial Permits and one Recreational Permit were issued, with a year-to-date total of $15,578,240. Year-to-date housing starts include 26 Single Family Dwellings and 12 Mobile Home Units. Twenty-one applications for Subdivisions have been received. First Reading was given to Bylaw LU 560 to rezone Plan 992 0628 Bk 5 Lt 8 within the Hamlet of Fort Kent from Hamlet Residential “HR2” to Hamlet General “HG”. First Reading was given to Bylaw LU 561 for Lot 8, Block 5, Plan 992 0628 (5012-50 Street) in the Hamlet of Fort Kent to rezone from Residential Infill & Redevelopment to Commercial & Community Centre.


Public Safety Update – Public Safety Officers continue to respond to multiple dog complaints, including dogs running at large, excessive barking and one complaint of dog abuse. There has also been some livestock offences with sheep getting loose and two complaints of cows on the road. Officers responded to a series of commercial truck concerns such as trucks speeding on Twp. Rd. 634 and using engine retarder brakes on Rge. Rd. 410A. Charges were also laid for trucks being overloaded on a 75 percent banned road.


Vegetation Management Resolution Forwarded – Council agreed to bring a Vegetation Management on Alberta Provincial Highways Resolution to the Zone 5 Alberta Association of Municipal Districts & Counties (AAMDC) fall meeting. The lack of vegetation control on provincial highways has residents concerned. The M.D. is inspecting and issuing weed control notices for the control of noxious weeds on municipal and private property as per the Alberta Weed Control Act; yet the province has elected to ignore their own regulations with no control measures for noxious weeds on provincial highways. The resolution is asking that the provincial government restore funding to Alberta Transportation for summer vegetation management maintenance programs. Local MLA Scott Cyr is also asking residents to write him a letter if they are experiencing any issues with the lack of vegetation control – whether it is from noxious weeds invading fields or overgrown vegetation causing sight obstructions on provincial highways.


Funding Support – The Franchere Social Community Centre received a Capital Grant of $5,000 to assist in the construction of a gazebo at the ball diamonds. The gazebo will provide shelter, as there is no functional hall on the site. The gazebo will be built over two years, with a $10,000 concrete pad being laid this year. Council agreed to provide a letter of support to the Bonnyville Golf and Country Club for their Community Facility Enhancement Program grant application to replace the pump station as part of a five-year phased in plan to replace the course irrigation system.


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