Monday , 14 June 2021

Back-to-School Made Easy with NLSD

Information on Registering, School Cash Online & Transportation

Northern Lights School Division (NLSD) is opening its schools today, Monday, for students and parents to register for the 2016-17 year. Nicole Garner, Communications Officer with NLSD, says there has been quite a lot of prep behind the scenes to make sure the registration process runs smoothly and that parents have everything they need to make sure their youngsters are ready for the new school year.

“We’ve done a really good job making sure everything is available online, so [parents] can be as prepared as possible, before school.” Garner explains that all NLSD schools, with the exception of some of the high schools, have their school supply list online and all the information you need to get your kids back to school, as far as supplies go. Certain high schools require students to register in person and meet with a guidance counselor; which is why supply lists and registration is not available online.

“We launched School Cash Online, last year; which is an online payment system for parents to pay fees.” Garner says that along with school fees you can pay other school related expenses; such as, hot lunch, field trip fees, school gear, etc. “The fees for most of the schools have been posted, so you’ve probably got a notification for that,” Garner explains NLSD makes it convenient for parents through a notification system that tells parents when there are fees that need to be paid. “If you’ve already registered your kid, parents probably got a notification that the fees associated with their children are posted. The convenience of that is you can pay with your credit card or debit card; there’s no need to send a cheque with your kids to school.”

“As far as fees and school supplies, that should all be able to be done beforehand,” for returning students, says Garner. “If you’re new to the school system, we have an online registration. If you want to check out the schools, they are open!” Each school can give tours, help fill out forms and answer any questions parents or students may have. “Same with registering for pre-school or after-school care; all the forms are online. You can fill them out, print them off and bring them in.”

As for transportation, the sooner you register the better. “If you’re a new student the sooner you register, the better. Our busing staff are setting up the routes and making sure the drivers are in place. We have changed some routes, Cold Lake in particular, because of French Immersion at Art Smith, so it’s really important to know how many students we have.” If you’re a current student in a rural (out-of-town) area you don’t need to do anything, explains Garner. “If your address hasn’t changed and your school hasn’t changed, don’t worry about it. If you’ve gone from elementary to middle school, it’s going to follow you. But if you’ve changed schools, from what your normal school would’ve been (ie. Duclos to HEB to BCHS) you may want to give the transportation department a call to make sure you’ve been switched to the new school.” For in town busing, you must register each year, confirms Garner.

For more information on NLSD schools, registration forms, busing, or school supplies, visit nlsd.ab.ca.

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