Monday , 14 June 2021

Swimming Pool Update

Kids will be splashing in the Bonnyville Pool by September

The regrouting project at the Bonnyville swimming pool is moving along as expect; with the team refilling the pool with water next week. Assistant Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the Town of Bonnyville, Bill Rogers, says there has been no problems that should set the project back from its expected reopening.

“We have a final inspection from the people who are overseeing the project for us, Automated Aquatics, and then we’re go to go!” Rogers says pending a good inspection the pool will be filled with water next week. “We’re still on track, I haven’t heard of any surprised.”

The pool needs to be filled and then there’s some work before it’s ready for public swimming; including heating and balancing of chemicals. “We want to start filling next week, because then we’ll be ready for the public in the first week of September. That’s our goal.”

While the pool was being regrouted the Town commissioned an engineering study to be conducted on the pool. The study examined how much time the current pool has left, what improvements could be done to increase the pool’s lifespan (if any), if expansion is possible and at what cost, or if it is more fiscally responsible to simple build a new pool. Rogers says the study was completed and the Town is expecting the results over the next couple weeks.

Once the results are in, they will be presented to Town Council who will then make a decision as to what to do with the pool.

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