Tow Company’s Special Message for Fort Mac Evacs

The following is a special message, for Fort McMurray evacuees in the Lakeland area, from Hyrtle’s Towing & Auto Sales in Fort McMurray regarding vehicles that either need to be transported to evacuees or were abandoned during the evacuation of the city.

We have customers both with abandoned vehicle and vehicles left at their homes in Fort Mac that they would like transported to where they are and this is what we know so far.
1) For vehicles abandoned on the side of the road south of Fort Mac, 1 of 3 tow companies in that area has or will be towing your vehicle to a central location. You will be able to call 1-780-310-4455 (municipality) to find out if your vehicle has been picked up and is in the compound on Monday or Tuesday. They will have a database of vehicles according to make, model, color and license plate number and will have information on how you can get those vehicles out.
2) If you have vehicles at your home/work/etc in Fort Mac, we unfortunately don’t have much info for you except that we hope to be able to gain access soon to get your vehicles to where ever you are currently.
Please message us if you would like your abandoned vehicle towed from the central compound to the Cold Lake, Bonnyville, Edmonton or surrounding areas once we are able to access them. We unfortunately cannot offer free tows but we can offer competitive rates and efficient service. If you would like your vehicles towed from your home in Fort Mac, again, please message us and we will work with you to keep you updated as to when we can access your vehicle and get it to you.

To message Hyrtle’s Towing Service & Auto Sales contact them via Facebook or 1-780-826-9878

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