Bonnyville Struggles to Get Alberta Transportation’s Attention

After approaching Alberta Transportation on multiple occasions to address safety concerns with Highway 28 heading east into Bonnyville, and getting no resolve, the Town of Bonnyville has decided to try a different approach; get a study of the Highway done to show the factual evidence of the dangers of the roadway.

At a recent Council meeting, Town Council voted reiterate previous concerns with Alberta Transportation to the Minister of Transportation. The Town would also like to move forward with an analysis on Highway 28; but need some confirmation from the Ministry’s office before the Town can decide whether or not to move forward with the analysis. The analysis will hopefully support concerns Council has with the Highway, as well as, discover any additional problems with the road. The study will include Highway 28 throughout the town limits, from the furthest west to east of McDonalds.

There are two major concerns the Town would like to rectify

  1. Highway 28 and 66 Avenue intersection
    1. With a speed limit of 70 km/hr it can be very dangerous when vehicles piled up due to a left turn.
    2. Other intersections in town allow for right lane passing or turning, this intersection does not. Causing confusion for motorists, but also dangers for vehicles coming from the opposite direction attempting to turn left
  2. Highway 28 speed limit
    1. Council would like the speed for Highway 28 entering the town on the west end to be reduced from 70 km/hr to 50km/hr
    2. Council has previously asked Alberta Transportation for this change; Alberta Transportation felt the speed was consistent with safety regulations.

Council would like a center turning lane, similar to 54th (railway) avenue, this will allow traffic to continue to flow without the build ups due to left turns. Council would also like the speed reduced to 50km/hr at 66 avenue, rather than down by B&R Eckel’s.

The Town has asked Alberta Transportation to conduct a study of Highway 28, multiple times; however every request was met with the same answer, there is no money and it is not in the three-year plan. Thus, the Town has decided to take matters in its own hands, by conducting the study and then having the results to back claims that Highway 28 west into Bonnyville needs turnign lanes and speed limit needs to be reduced from 70km/hr to 50km/hr.

Some of Council felt they did not want to waste the Town’s money on a study that they Province wouldn’t acknowledge and want confirmation from the Province, via Alberta Transportation, that if the Town front’s the bill for the study, will Alberta Transportation honour the results.

Ultimately, it was decided Mayor Gene Sobolewski would write a letter to the Minister of Transportation, Brian Mason, requesting a meeting for clarification on a number of Town Council’s questions and concerns. And if it leads to it, ask  that should the Town pay for and conduct a study, by a reputable firm, would the agency honour the results and recommendations of the study.

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