Tuesday , 5 July 2022

Elk Point Launches New Website

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the Town of Elk Point is excited to share with everyone some of the really cool features the Town’s new user-friendly site will have. First and foremost, the site is easy-to-navigate, with a fresh design and informative content. CAO Gwozdz says residents can get excited about the ability to pay bills online and stay informed with easily accessible information on all town happenings.

Gwozdz was given a sneak peek of the site before it launches for the public, “the new Town website is awesome!” Along with Facebook, he sees the site as a way of connecting with the citizens, “we are hoping the residents and public use their new website as a tool to engage the Town on Facebook.” There’s links to social media on the new site and Elk Point can be found on Facebook.com/elkpointalberta. “We are hoping the community of Elk Point uses the new Town website in their daily lives to communicate with us as well as the rest of the world. The Town of Elk Point is open for business to serve you!”

CAO Gwozdz says some really cool features, that weren’t offered on the old site are; “On Line payments IE. utility bills, dog/cat licenses, property taxes; registrations for events and events calendar. Council meetings and budgets, as well as eventually budgetary participation.” Participation is very important to the Town, explains Gwozdz, “[it’s] very important to Town Mayor and Council. The website is one of Council’s top priorities in their Strategic Plan. Communication is critical to providing efficient and cost-effective services” Another priority of Council was to have information given to residents in a more timely manner, the Town has implemented live minutes as a way of being more transparent with the community, minutes and agendas will be available on the new site.

There’s a lot of neat features that bring the community alive, online.  The site has a “Did you know…” section that gives visitors tidbits about the town and its history and there’s an easy stream to navigate the site through the “How Do I?” button on the top right hand side of the page. The site also offers ways to highlight local businesses through a special “Featured Business” on the right hand side of the webpage, as well as a business directory.

The public can subscribe to Town News & Events via the website and stay informed with notifications. The site is perfect to keep people informed on major events, such as Canada Day.

Gwozdz says the town would love to hear from the residents on their thoughts regarding the site, “our Website is continually evolving. We will strive to keep it current. Follow the “elk antlers” to where you want to go! We welcome your feedback.” The new website is having the final finishing touches done to it and will launch to the public within the next couple weeks at elkpoint.ca.


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