Wednesday , 6 July 2022

Residential RV Parking to Increase to 72 Hrs in Elk Point

After hearing feedback from the community, the Town of Elk Point has made an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw, in regards to recreational vehicle/seasonal, parking. Previous to the amendment residents could park their RVs on public roads, in front of their homes, for up to 48 hours. The Town has made an amendment to that bylaw to extend the amount of time RVs can be parked on public roads to 72 hours.

Councillor Lorne Young says originally the Town had looked at amending the bylaw to six days, “we had a lot of discussion, and we did get feedback [from the community] and the one change we had suggested was 140 hours, or six days parking. We have reduced that to 72 hours, three days.” Councillor Young explains Council is trying to find a compromise for those who want parking for longer and those who do not, “we had some feedback that six days was pretty much continuous parking. People were worried about safety issues and congestion.

One of the big safety concerns people had was trailers that extended down a driveway and blocked vision for neighbours backing out of their driveways, especially in regards to kids who are known for darting into the streets. Citizens also reported concerns for cords and steps hanging on sidewalks; although in the bylaw that neither should be on sidewalks it does happen and can be hard to enforce.

“We compromised and we’re going to do 72 hours,” the Town went through the first reading of the bylaw on Monday evening, and should no concerns be brought up, Councillor Young anticipates second and third reading to occur at the March 29th Council meeting, with the bylaw passed thereafter.

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