Lakeland Dark Sky Celebration highlights stargazing, astronomy

The wonder and awe of the skies is a universal thing, one that locals can enjoy together this weekend at Sir Winston Churchill Provincial Park.

Put on Alberta Parks, stargazers from 7:00-11:00pm on Saturday night are encouraged to come to the Lakeland Dark Sky Celebration with activities such as Parks after Dark, an interpretive guided hike, and a guided telescope viewing.

Lakeland Provincial Park is one of just a handful of Dark Sky Preserves in Alberta.

A Dark Sky Preserve is an area that restricts artificial light pollution, meaning that the lights of the skies and stars are on display in a more natural way.

Whether it’s just with the naked eye, or with the aid of a telescope, Dark Sky Preserves are meant to kept our curiosity heightened with astronomy.

Along with the hike, there are more activities at the amphitheater in loop C of the campground.

All of these activities are free.

Telescopes can also be checked out at the Stuart MacPherson Public Library for the viewing.

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