Wednesday , 6 July 2022

GREY MATTER: Episode 15: How to keep more of your money when you file your taxes in Canada

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In this episode, Constitutional Lawyer Leighton Grey and Kim Moody have a conversation about taxes in Canada, the everchanging landscape of Canadian Tax laws, and what you can do to keep more of your money. Kim makes time to share his immense knowledge of Canadian Tax Law through writing, lecturing, teaching, and being an active, national leader in the tax profession. Kim is driven to innovate new and better ways to do things for the clients he serves, the advancement of the firm, and other professionals in tax. Kim’s primary area of expertise is tax and estate planning for owner-managers of private corporations and executives, particularly those who have entered into the world of tax complexities.

Moody & Grey get into the thick of it when it comes to the Canadian Economic System, how tax policy has evolved over the years, the effect that inflation has on your tax dollars, and what you can do if you’re earning a higher income to keep more of your money in the long run. To find more from Kim Moody you can visit: www.MoodysTax.com

This episode’s recommended reading: Making Life Less Taxing- Kim G C Moody https://amzn.to/3w3Gb1e

Capitalism and Freedom – Milton Friedman https://amzn.to/3N92tnV

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