Friday , 9 June 2023

Field fire at the Dewberry Rodeo grounds caused by fireworks

A field fire at the Dewberry Rodeo grounds was caused by someone playing with fireworks.

On April 19, a report of a field fire at the Dewberry Rodeo grounds just before 9:00 p.m. sent Dewberry Fire & Rescue out of the hall to battle a rapidly spreading grass fire. Firefighters worked quickly on the flanks of the fire and managed to get the top stopped.

“The fire at the Dewberry Rodeo Grounds came about from someone playing with fireworks,” County Fire Chief Kirk Huges said. “Thankfully, a resident noticed the smoke and called it in right away. The RCMP attended and are dealing with the matter.”

A quick response from our crews made a huge difference, Huges added.

But that wasn’t the only grass fire for the day. Earlier in the day, an Islay Firefighter, just past lunch, noticed a stubble ditch fire just south of the Town of Vermilion.

“A call to 9-1-1 sent out Vermilion Fire & Rescue Society who made short work of the incident,” Huges said. “A reminder, even though it is supposed to snow again tonight, that exposed grass is very dry and can easily ignite.”

If you see fire – call 9-1-1.


*Correction the Chief originally reported that children were playing with fireworks however it was an adult. “Apparently the kids were not involved with playing of the fireworks and it was actually an adult,” the Chief said in a corrected statement.

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