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The St. Paul Municipal Library offers a wide range of services

Books, movies, music kits, and games, yes it’s are all available at your local St Paul Municipal Library.

Like most libraries, they have books and other non-print materials that are available for members to check out. For the requests that they do not have, the St Paul Municipal Library can usually borrow them from other libraries (both academic and public libraries) within Alberta.

On Monday, March 14, Eunhye Cho Library Manager presented to St Paul elected officials an annual presentation of what services and resources the library have to offer.

“There are multiple e-resources that are made available through Northern Lights Library System and Public Library Services,” Cho told Council. “These resources can be accessed through library’s website www.stpaullibrary.ab.ca.”

During the first shut down in 2020, the library started eResources pages on Facebook where they either feature library’s eResources and other resources found online, Cho added.

The Library currently offers access to public computers, if you currently do not have access to one for your job hunt or work/school project.

All public computers are connected to printers for printing. In addition, the library offers laminating, faxing, and 3D printing services.
Residents of St. Paul are starting to use library services, the number of active cardholders has increased by 18 percent compared to 2020.

Library now has an online self-registration form where patrons can sign up online to access library materials. In addition, they offer Wi-Fi.

“In 2021, library’s Wi-Fi was accessed 3,416 times by patrons which resulted in 347GB of traffic,” Cho said.

The St Paul Municipal Library also offers curbside services which started on April 20.

“In 2021, the library provided 1232 curbside services,” Cho said. “We still offer curbside services for those who are cannot come in for in-house services.”

The library also offers a wide range of events throughout the year to entice young minds to read such as The Storywalk.

“After the first success of Storywalk® in 2020, the library created a Storywalk® that combines story and snow activities for Family Literacy Day,” Cho said. “The Storywalk® was up between January 27 to February 7 at the Jaycee Ball Park.”

They also offer to Take Home Programs funded by the Kimberly Foundation which offers take and make kits.

“St. Paul Municipal Library received $950 from Kimberly Foundation in 2020 to run take-home programs from November 2020 to June 2021. the Library ran 17 Take-home Zoom events with the funding which was attended by 165 patrons,” Cho said. “The library started putting out bi-weekly Take N’ Make kits in October 2020. Eventually, we began to put out one craft each week instead of putting out two separate crafts every other week.”

Each Friday, the library puts out 30 kits for patrons and when they run out, they make anywhere between 10 – 20 more based on the
number of supplies they have and the craft’s popularity. In September, the library added a page on the website that shows instructions for the various week’s Take N’ Make kits.

“We have just had our annual presentation from our library board and are very proud of our beautiful amazing library,” Mayor Maureen Miller said. “Libraries are no longer the quiet place to research and read but a vibrant necessary hub within the community.  It is a gathering place for youth and seniors alike.  If you need to get out and introduce your children to others it is a fabulous meeting point.  Many exciting children’s activities are already planned for you.  If you just need access to free Wi-Fi or printing is done of course the library is the one-stop-shop. For the inquisitive type wanting to learn about the capabilities of 3D printing, our printer is always running and available.  You don’t read from books you like your kindle, kobo, or phone for portability well we can load that reading device up for your next adventure. Still looking for the quiet sunny corner to escape for a few minutes with your coffee we have still preserved those cozy corners. Pop on into our beautifully bright and always active library. We would love to see you.”

They have big plans for 2022 at the St. Paul Municipal Library, therefore, stay tuned to Lakeland Connect as we highlight these events and activities.

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