Wednesday , 25 May 2022

Portage College and University of Calgary partner on Bachelor of Education

Portage College has partnered with the University of Calgary to offer students a four-year Bachelor Degree in Education.

This partnership between the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary and Portage College will provide local access to degree completion in the field of Education in the Northeast Region of Alberta. The University of Calgary developed the program specifically for students interested in earning a Bachelor of Education degree, but unable to commit to a residency-based program. Accordingly, it is an excellent option for Portage students.

“There continues to be an ongoing need for teachers across rural Alberta, and this partnership with the University of Calgary allows us to continue to create local opportunities for students looking to complete a Bachelor of Education program,” said Don Moore, Dean of Education, Arts and Culture, and University Studies at Portage College.

The degree program will prepare learners for working in primary and secondary schools. Learners can enter the program directly from high school, but the program is flexible and can accommodate students who have previous post-secondary courses.

The partnership will allow students to undertake their studies in a format that can be completed almost entirely online. While students can remain in their home community for the majority of the program, they take part in a two-week summer residency on-campus at the Werklund School of Education. Students interested in applying can expect their terms to alternate between courses with Portage one semester and courses with Werklund the next. Prospective students can review these details with a student advisor at their corresponding school.

“The University of Calgary is proud to partner with Portage College in bringing innovative community-based education programming to northeastern Alberta,” remarked Dr. Amy Burns, associate dean of undergraduate programs at the Werklund School of Education. “This BEd offers an exceptional opportunity for students to participate in a high-quality education with instructional and experiential learning equal to any on-campus program, while allowing students the flexibility necessary to continue to support their families and communities.”

“I am extremely excited about our partnership with the University of Calgary. It gives local students in our region access to a university experience without leaving their community. I look forward to our partnership and the expanded opportunities this provides to our learners,” said Dr. Donna Feledichuk, Vice President of Academics and Research at Portage College.

Students wishing to receive further information or apply can reach out to Portage College admissions at 1-866-623-5551 or email [email protected]. To speak with a student advisor at the Werklund School of Education, call 1-403-220-5639 or email [email protected].

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