Friday , 28 January 2022
Arthur C. Green/Lakeland Connect

Community Engagement asks Bonnyville RCMP about lack of enforcement of Public Health Orders at rallies and protests throughout the Lakeland

There was a recent Community Engagement session held by the Bonnyville RCMP and one of the questions to police was about the lack of apparent enforcement of the Public Health Orders at rallies and protests throughout the Lakeland.

Staff Sgt. Sarah Parke from the Bonnyville RCMP says “The RCMP response to these events must balance civil liberties and public health.”

“We have seen a number of protests, rallies, and marches occurring in response to government measures where participants are not adhering to social distancing or other health orders,” S/Sgt. Parke said. “Although participants at an event may be subject to a fine, the RCMP are focusing on the organizers of these events and those that are actively promoting non-compliance to the Public Health Orders.”

Arthur C. Green/Lakeland Connect

The primary response of the RCMP is to educate and seek their voluntary compliance of that individual or group, S/Sgt. Parke added.

“In taking this approach first, the RCMP are able to inform the individual of the specifics of the Order, and explain the importance of voluntary compliance, and the impact that following these orders will have in reducing the spread of the virus,” S/Sgt. Parke said. “Additionally, unless there is a need for police intervention to keep the peace or tend to a Criminal matter taking place at one of these events, it is the Public Health Inspectors under Alberta Health Services guidance who typically engage with violators and issue any applicable

S/Sgt. Parke says, “I would like to thank those who took the time to write in and to those who share their comments and feedback with the RCMP in other ways throughout the year.”

“I find our community to be overall very pro-police and all the members and staff at the Bonnyville RCMP truly appreciate the encouragement and support we get from community members on a regular basis,” S/Sgt. Parke concluded.

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