Monday , 29 November 2021

“Slow down, move over and give us room to work,” says Protective Services to motorists

When motorists are approaching an emergency scene they should always remember to slow down, move over and give emergency crews room to work.

With awful highway conditions, blowing snow, and reduced visibility, mixed with black ice and darkness, Protective Services from the County of Vermilion River is asking motorists, “Please consider our emergency responders out on the roadways trying to keep people safe.”

“The flashing red, white and blue lights aren’t the chorus of a country song, they are visual cues to slow down and safely move over,” County of Vermilion River Fire Chief Kirk Hughes told Lakeland Connect. “They also mean that first responders are working nearby so watch for flaggers and obey their signs.”

Fire Chief Hughes says the passing of emergency vehicles has been mentioned several times in the past, yet the largest culprits this week weren’t new drivers.

“When approaching fire and rescue vehicles working at the side of the road, slow your speed to the conditions, 60 km/hr in the opposite lane is the law but sometimes going slower is smarter,” Fire Chief Hughes said. “Move your vehicle over to the opposite lane and watch for first responders. If flaggers are standing at the side of the road with signs and red flashing beacons, they obviously want your attention – watch and obey their directions.”

Fire Chief Hughes says when you pass the scene, keep your eyes on the road.

“If you want to see what we’re doing while rubbernecking, I suggest people join the department and you’ll have front row seats,” Fire Chief Hughes told Lakeland Connect. “Otherwise, watch the vehicles in front of you to avoid another accident and keep your cellphones out of your hands. When you pass the scene, slowly accelerate away. Remember, we have families that we’d like to go home too”.

It’s dangerous enough out there – do your part Fire Chief Hughes says, “Slow Down, Move Over and Give Us Room!”

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