Monday , 29 November 2021

October job numbers up says Government of Alberta

The COVID-19 pandemic has stretched Albertans far and thin, however, the Alberta Government has good news for the unemployed, October job numbers are up in Alberta.

“October’s job numbers show that Alberta’s economic recovery continues, with an increase of 9,000 new full-time jobs,” Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation Doug Schweitzer said in a statement about the October 2021 Labour Force Survey.

However, this doesn’t help the unemployed who can only work part-time although the unemployment rate fell in Alberta.

“Part-time employment decreased, our unemployment rate fell once again and is now lower than any point during the pandemic,” Minister Schweitzer said.

The government says it is committed to helping restart the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic with new jobs and new investment.

“This week our government showed our dedication to a clean energy future by investing $176 million to cut emissions by seven million tonnes by 2030. It also will create 5,600 jobs for Albertans,” Minister Schweitzer said. “We also released our hydrogen roadmap, which will build on our immense success in attracting investment in the hydrogen sector. It will solidify our position as a global energy powerhouse and leader in hydrogen development.”

The government says our oil and gas sector is firing on all cylinders, and with Line 3 in full operation and Alberta is exporting more oil than ever before. MLA Dave Hanson from Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul says this will have a big influence on job numbers in the Lakeland Region.

“The number one thing that we can look at is the commodity prices, oil, and gas,” MLA Hanson told Lakeland Connect. “They’re taking a surge in the positive direction for a change and that hasn’t happened for about five years and that has a big influence on what happens in the Lakeland with our oil and gas industry up here.”

MLA Hanson says the government, has spent pretty close to $30 billion in investment announcements, just in the last six months.

“That’s not only oil and gas but tech and hydrogen and carbon capture,” MLA Hanson said. “I think it’s a step in the right direction and that will definitely have some trickle-down effect into our area as well.”

MLA Hanson says, “It’s nice to see things moving in a positive direction, people have been holding their breath for five years and hanging on.”

“You know, I look at a lot of the companies around Bonnyville, Cold Lake, and in St. Paul area that have managed to hang on and look forward to some positive growth for them, but we really need to support our local restaurants and hospitality industries because they have taken a real hit over the last couple of years. But hopefully, they can hang on and things pick up here in the next couple of years,” MLA Hanson concluded.

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