Saturday , 16 October 2021

Town of Vegreville Celebrates Additions to Local Walking Trails

This past summer proved to be an exciting one for users of Vegreville’s walking trails.

With the addition of the Northeast Loop (1.3 km), Phase 1 of the Southwest Nature Loop (1.6 km) and Foxview Park Trail (500 m), nearly 3.5 kilometers of path were added to the pre-existing walking trail system in 2021.

Tim MacPhee is the Mayor of the Town of Vegreville.

“Throughout the pandemic we’ve seen increased use in Vegreville’s outdoor activity amenities, specifically our walking trails and these additions will help ensure that even as life slowly returns to normal, our residents and visitors can continue to explore the beauty of this community,” MacPhee said. “We’ve already heard positive feedback from walkers, joggers and cyclists in our community, including those who say that the walking path additions have given them an excuse to venture into areas of Vegreville they otherwise may not have visited. They feel like tourists without having to actually leave town.”

More work is scheduled for Vegreville’s walking trail system in 2022, including starting on Phase 2 and 3 of the Southwest Nature Loop which, when complete, will see an additional 2.2 kilometers added for a total of 4 kilometers. Additionally, a Northwest Nature Loop, that would see an additional 5 kilometers of nature trail tied in from Foxview Park, is in the planning stages.

At present, Vegreville boasts a total of 14 kilometers of designated paved and unpaved walking trails.

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