Sunday , 2 October 2022

Bob Mattice is asking for your vote for City of Cold Lake Council

Bob Mattice says he is a good listener and wants to be your voice on the City of Cold Lake Council.

Mattice has been a pharmacist in the City of Cold Lake for over 30 years, and is now looking for a change.

“Well I always wanted to be a City Councilor  or Town Councilor, I’ve lived in Cold Lake for 33 years, I have an opinion on everything,” Mattice told Lakeland Connect. “And I thought, you know, this would be good, it looked like there was a lot of role models ahead of me and I just always wanted to be a city Councilor.”

Mattice is no stranger to the City of Cold Lake.

“I’m on my 40th year as a pharmacist. I’ve lived in Cold Lake for 33 of those years, former business owner for 32 years I owned a medium sized business in Cold Lake,” Mattice told Lakeland Connect. “That’s how I got to know everybody and I just sold it last year so I have time to attend and be a good counselor for the city and have the permission of my wife and my employer. More importantly, my wife.”

A fun fact, Mattice is also a stand up comedian on the side. But knows a seat on the City of Cold Lake Council is no laughing matter.

“I have a clean stand up act and I just was the class clown that always liked talking and I’ve been successful at pharmacy loved pharmacy, it’s been a great career for me, and stand up,” Mattice said.

Mattice says his strongest attribute when is comes to running for council is, “One is I’m a good listener. And I have been around long enough that I kind of know the flow of the city,” Mattice said.

He also is committed to increasing tourism in the City of Cold Lake.

“For myself I love tourism. I love people coming up to Cold Lake and saying, Wow, I never realized how nice it is here, and like, we’re the best kept secret with what we have in northeastern Alberta,” Mattice said.

Mattice says he also a accepting individual and that all community member’s have an equal voice.

On October 18, Bob Mattice is asking for your vote for the City of Cold Lake Council.

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