Thursday , 18 August 2022

Bob Buckle running for re-election in City of Cold Lake

With more than 14 years of experience in the City of Cold Lake Council Bob Buckle says there is always more work to do.

Buckle has lived in the City of Cold Lake since 2002, after moving here to purchase a local business. Before his move west, Bob was a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and has been an owner of multiple businesses for the last 35 years.

He was first elected to council in October 2007 and had a successful return to the role in 2010, 2013, and 2017 elections.

He is now running for another term and another chance to complete the work he has started in previous years.

“What voters can expect from me is a continuation of building on the many successes we’ve had so far,” Buckle said. I mean, when I first got on the council in 2007 the City Cold Lake was in a difficult way. “There was inadequate funding, significant infrastructure liability with the streets, sewers and no money to fix it.”

Buckle says a strategic journey was embarked upon taking several years to come to fruition before securing adequate funding from outside sources without raising anyone’s taxes. This all changed in 2009 – 2011 years through a hard fight and often tense mediation, negotiations, and ultimately the addition of ID 349 (Air Weapons Range) tax assessment funding.

“I was very much involved along with Mayor Copeland, and we succeeded in acquiring and securing a huge amount of money into the city over the preceding following years. As a result, over $185 million came to the city,” Buckle said. “This now allows us to plan out and build out, making our community even more livable well into the future.”

Much of the accomplishments such as the twinning of highway 28, the Family Community Support Services Building, New Firehall, the Energy Centre Expansion, “Beautification of the Kinosoo Beach area, the marina, and now the Lakeshore Drive enhancements are a by-product of that funding.” Buckle said. “That was all made possible by the money that we successfully secured.”   I’m very proud of these accomplishments and the ability to do much more.  There’s an Aquatic Leisure center that is currently being planned to the Energy Centre and is in the early design programs.”

Buckle also says there’s a Marina expansion that is planned for the near future.

“There’s a boardwalk going around from the Marina to the beach area as part of the Lakeshore Drive improvements… a program that is going to start this spring, I want to see that one through,” Buckle said. “You know I think there are other opportunities such as a Performing Arts Center that will need to be figured out through planning and community engagement.

Buckle says a new Public Works yard is also currently in the design stage. “The boneyard that they’re working in right now looks very bad and is woefully inadequate for a City of this size. City Staff have been very patient waiting for this one and the securing of funding for it.

Enhancing the beauty of Cold Lake is a task Buckle is up for. He also appreciates the community’s diversity and uniqueness.

When he’s not at City Hall or attending events in the community, Buckle serves as Chair of the Regional Utility Commission and Chair of the Assessment Review Board. He is also a long-standing Director of the Cold Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce. As a member of the council, Buckle also serves as a representative on several local committees and organizations.

On election day vote for someone who has a passion for the community, a desire to lead and a proven track record with delivering results.  Re-elect Bob Buckle for City of Cold Lake Council.


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