Friday , 24 September 2021

Million-dollar WESTERN MAX win in Lac la Biche!

Sherry-Lynn Bannerholt was sure the ticket checker she used was broken after scanning her WESTERN MAX ticket and seeing multiple zeroes on the screen.

But it was working just fine – the Lac la Biche local had just discovered she won a million dollars on the June 18 draw!

“I was perfectly calm,” she said. “I asked the store clerk, ‘Is there something wrong with your machine?’ The clerk looked back at me with big, wide eyes and said, ‘No, honey… you just won $1 million!’”

“All I could say back was, ‘You’re not serious,’” she laughed. “I couldn’t believe it!”

The new millionaire said she has a couple plans for her windfall, starting with one huge life change. “I’m going to retire!” she said. “I’m retiring three years earlier than I thought I would… It’s a pretty great feeling!”

The winner said she will also pay off her mortgage and share her winnings with her children and grandchildren.


Bannerholt purchased her winning WESTERN MAX ticket at Beacon Hill Shell, located at 291 Sakitawaw Trail in Fort McMurray. Her winning numbers were 6, 13, 14, 16, 29, 31 and 48.

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