Saturday , 27 November 2021

MD of Bonnyville appoints new Director of Emergency Management

The Council of the MD of Bonnyville has appointed a new Director of Emergency Management (DEM) position which leads our municipal emergency management activities.

The role was previously filled by Jay Melvin Bonnyville Regional Fire Authority Fire Chief .

Administration recommended that the position should be held by someone directly employed by the M.D. given the extraordinary level of authority of the position during a disaster situation.

The M.D. DEM leads a team that creates, implements and maintains an all-hazards emergency management program that prepares the municipality to respond to and recover from major emergencies and disasters,” The MD of Bonnyville stated in the July 14 council meeting. “The Director also is responsible to conduct training and exercises with M.D. staff and stakeholders on a regular basis, as well as promotes community resilience through personal emergency preparedness.”

The MD of Bonnyville says the benefits of moving the position within the M.D.:

  • Makes the position more directly accountable to the M.D.
  • Enables more effective and efficient communications across the departments within the organization.
  • Improves the position’s understanding of internal and external municipal protocol and procedures.
  •  Enables additional fiscal awareness as the position will be responsible for the Municipal Emergency Management Budget not only during an emergency or disaster, but also prior to the emergency. With a recent staff addition to the M.D., there is now a qualified senior staff member available to internally fill the DEM position (has been Deputy Director of Emergency Management for the past six  months).

There are also some disadvantage of moving the position within the M.D which administration highlighted.:

  • More time will be required by M.D. of Bonnyville staff.

After much consideration Council approved the appointment of Luis Gandolfi as the Director of Emergency Management for the Municipal District of Bonnyville No. 87 effective July 14, 2021.

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