Sunday , 26 September 2021

Positive tickets for youth in the Cold Lake area

Once again, Military Police, Cold Lake RCMP, Cold Lake Peace Officers, and Victim Services are teaming up to serve the youth in the Cold Lake area with positive tickets.

Peace Officer Simon Grevier (L) gives a “Positive Ticket” to Emma Hickey (R), in support of the Positive Ticket program, at the RCMP station in Cold Lake, Alberta, on March 13, 2021. Photo: Cpl Justin Roy, 4 Wing Imaging

Dave Zimmerman is the Program Manager of Cold Lake Victim Services.

“We are starting up the Positive ticketing program once again, however, this year we doing it for two months,” Zimmerman said.

The program will take place in June and July.

“These Tickets will be given to kids who are caught being a community hero, demonstrating a positive attitude, making smart choices, or practicing personal safety,” Zimmerman said. “On top of looking cool, these tickets will result in the youth getting a reward.”

Rewards will be Slurpee’s from 7 Eleven, ice cream cones from Dairy Queen, or fries from McDonald’s, with each positive ticket. Everyone that receives a ticket can also be entered into a draw for a prize.

“This year our prizes are a PS5, an iPad, and a sports package worth $250.00,” Zimmerman said. “To enter the draw, the recipient of the Positive Ticket must take a selfie with their ticket and post it on their (or a member of their family’s) Facebook page and tag @ColdLakeVictimServices.”

In addition to the Positive ticket program, Cold Lake RCMP and Victim Services intend to do a community initiative in our two Indigenous communities of Elizabeth Metis Settlement and Cold Lake First Nations.

“We plan to team up with the schools of the two communities and do safety presentations to the students,” Zimmerman said. “At the completion of the presentation, the students will receive a positive ticket for their attendance and participation.”

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