Monday , 27 September 2021
Lakeland Catholic School Division wearing blue for support. Submitted Image

It’s World Catholic Education Day

Today is World Catholic Education Day.

Amanda Wildman, is the CTS Coordinator and Director of Communications Lakeland Catholic School Division.

“Lakeland Catholic School Division is very grateful for the gift of publicly funded Catholic Education,” Wildman told Lakeland Connect. “Throughout Catholic Education Week we have highlighted the Marks of Catholic Schools and celebrated in a number of ways including online liturgies and masses.

Wildman says on this World Catholic Education Day we wear blue to show our support for Catholic education.

“Across the division, you will see people proudly wearing blue today,” Wildman explained. “We are incredibly proud of our staff, students, families and parishes and we celebrate the gift of Catholic education together.”

Minister of Education Adriana LaGrange issued the following statement on World Catholic Education Day:

“World Catholic Education Day is a time to recognize our Catholic students, parents, teachers and school leaders.”

“This important day falls during Catholic Education Week, which draws inspiration from the prophet Isaiah: ‘Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.’”

“During such a tough year, Catholic educators continue to teach, mentor and guide about 174,000 students across Alberta through faith-based education where faith is permeated throughout the whole school day while keeping school communities safe and healthy.”

“I’m so proud of the choice in Alberta’s school system that allows families to choose Catholic education. I hope their faith continues to guide them now.”

“Many will be wearing blue today in celebration – even if they do so virtually. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, a student or another committed staff member or volunteer: Thank you for your courage, unity, hope and strength.”

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