Monday , 27 September 2021

Bonnyville MLA applauds Todd Loewen’s courage for asking Jason Kenney to resign

Jason Kenney’s leadership has been challenged by senior backbench member Todd Loewen and local MLA Dave Hanson applauds his courage.

Loewen is the member for Central Peace-Notley, a rural riding in northern Alberta. Loewen posted a letter on Facebook early Thursday morning calling for Kenny to resign and wrote that he no longer has confidence in his leadership.

Loewen said in the letter that Kenney’s government has allegedly been ignoring caucus members, and botched critical negotiations with doctors. He also says Kenny’s government is delivering contradictory messages, and has a weak relationship with Ottawa.

UCP MLA Dave Hanson for Bonnyville-Cold Lake-St. Paul told Lakeland Connect, “It takes a lot of courage to stand up to leadership but Loewen is getting great consistent messaging from his constituents and supporters.”

Hanson says the people that supported him in his campaign are reaching out and telling him that they’re very frustrated.

“Right right now those same people are saying we don’t like the direction the government is going. And that has much to do with the leadership and so they’re asking for a leadership review,” MLA Hanson told Lakeland Connect. “I’d like to see it as soon as possible and we can get this behind us.”

Hasnon posted on Facebook, “Todd, I applaud your courage and stand behind your decision. I hear the same thing from our supporters in my area. I along with many of our colleagues share in your frustration. We, along with many Albertans worked too hard to unite Conservatives to hand this Province back to the NDP. Thanks for taking a stand.”

MLA Hanson told Lakeland Connect, “I felt I had to support somebody that was standing up and hearing the same things.”

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