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Cold Lake RCMP asks ATV riders to have respect for the community

The Cold Lake RCMP is asking ATV riders to please have respect for the community.

Recently a dirt bike rider was clocked on radar travelling nearly 100 kilometres per hour inside Cold Lake city limits.

“We definitely recognize that there is a problem within the city,” Sgt. Ryan Howrish, from the Cold Lake RCMP, said. “I think it’s unique and special that we have a Bylaw allowing the use of ATVs because it gives people a fantastic opportunity to enjoy.”

Sgt Howrish says he thinks it’s unfortunate that some people spoil this for others.

“If the police find someone driving in an off-highway vehicle carelessly. Without regard for the safety of others, or breaking any traffic laws. We can pursue charges under the Traffic Safety Act or the off-highway vehicle act in special cases, we can also, depending on the circumstances pursue criminal charges if that is warranted,” Sgt Howrish said.

The message is clear from the RCMP in Cold Lake, if you are breaking the rules on an ATV you will be caught and Sgt Howrish says they get complaints daily.

“We do get calls from the public when people are in excess, and driving dangerously on off-highway vehicles,” Sgt Howrish said.

The RCMP in Cold Lake is also watching for impaired drivers.

“In the last several years we’ve had several investigations where people operating off-highway vehicles were impaired. And we have pursued with criminal charges,” Sgt Howrish explained.

Sgt Howrish says the suggestion is for all ATV operators to have respect for the community. He says the fact that the City is allowing you to ride ATVs within city limits is unique and riders must have respect for other people’s safety, as well as their property.

“I know that when I drive down Highway 28 you can see the ATV trails on the nice grass that we have,” Sgt Howrish said. “Riding is part of that whole respect issue, so if we all have a little respect for everybody else, I think, you know with speeds, and the areas where we ride, I think everybody will be able to enjoy the opportunity to use ATVs.”

The complete bylaw regulating off-highway vehicle use (540-PL-14) and associated fines is available on the City’s website here.

Fines and charges can also be issued by the RCMP to neglectful riders.

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