Saturday , 31 July 2021

Amazing Race Glendon hopes to improve mental health with activity while having fun

“Good luck, travel safe. Go!”

That’s what Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan says at the beginning of the TV show competitions, but for the Village of Glendon, it could be “Good luck, walk safe. Go!”

The Amazing Race Glendon is happening Saturday, April 3 as a scavenger hunt where teams will need to find items throughout the village and perform small tasks in two hours or less. It’s a walking only event hunt as well.

Organizer Olga Oszust explains that the activity is meant to get people outdoors, especially as the pandemic has worn on.

“I work as a school counselor. And you know, I’m realizing that kid’s mental health and family’s mental health are really on a downward spiral. I had thought about it and reflected and sort of came up with this idea, why don’t we do a scavenger hunt, where it gives people a sense of hope, right?” said Oszust.

“Just to be outside, be excited about something. Get some fresh air, get to go for a walk, be with others, and just experience some joy. Because people are not experiencing joy right now.”

The community buy-in is showing. Joeline Lotsberg, vice-president of the Glendon Ag Society, said they’ve had lots of businesses step up to sponsor prizes.

“All the businesses in town have donated items for our family price packages, along with some other businesses in the M.D. and some local home businesses,” said Lotsberg.

“We were just going to do a family prize package, but we got so many donations from the local businesses that we’re doing three.”

Some of the challenges include getting a receipt from a local store, to questions about the history of Glendon. If you don’t have time to brush up on the village’s history, you can use one phone a friend.

Teams will start outside the Glendon RCMP Hall east door entrance and be given their list of tasks then. Bring a camera, about six dollars to purchase small items, one adult per team, and grit and determination.

The families with the best time and the most items will be winners of the prize packages.

“People are pretty pumped. Businesses are pretty excited,” said Oszust.

You can register beforehand by calling B-Dawgs Liquor Store or call Oszust at 780-635-4037. If you aren’t able to pre-register, show up at the hall at around 11:00am and you’ll be entered into the competition.

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