Sunday , 26 September 2021
St. Paul Town Office.

Town rents medical rooms, not furniture

The Town of St. Paul will not be purchasing medical equipment or furniture from outgoing doctors, citing a lack of precedent for such a move.

According to the information presented to town council on Jan. 25, they were offered two exam tables, desks, chairs, and printers for $3,820.54.

“They said they don’t want to donate the furniture, to the town. Though I do want to make it clear they were not asked to. I’m assuming they don’t want to move it or they’re having new furniture supplied to the new practice they’re moving to,” said Town of St. Paul CAO Kim Heyman in her briefing to town council.

Heyman said administration is concerned about the precedent which would be set by purchasing the equipment.

“I spoke with a doctor in charge of physician recruitment and he said it’s not normal practice for municipalities to do that,” said Heyman.

The Town of St. Paul owns the St. Paul Wellness Centre on the east end of town and leases the space in it to doctors and other medical professionals like the Primary Care Network and Impact Health Physiotherapy.

According to Heyman, the Town also doesn’t want to become responsible for the furniture because if they did purchase it they would become responsible for storing it, and “we don’t know what incoming doctors want.”

“I’m not supportive of it and I will follow the administration’s recommendations. I completely agree that it does set a precedent down the road,” said Coun. Nathan Taylor.

Mayor Maureen Miller said that while she appreciates the town was given the first option to purchase the furniture, they’re in the business of renting rooms and the furniture needs to future renters might be different.

“If we decline the offer it allows for them to maybe even market the new doctors that are coming,” said Miller.

A motion to purchase the furniture was defeated with all members of council voting against it.

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