Monday , 2 August 2021

Haying in the 30’s donates over $300K to families in 2020

One of the Lakeland’s most charitable organizations found ways to help families dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Based in Mallaig, the Haying in the 30’s Cancer Support Society was able to donate $334,000 to over 300 families in 2020.

“I went fairly well, actually,” said President Martin Naundorf on the past year.

“We lost a lot of money because we couldn’t have the event, of course. But the money is still there, people are donating and companies donating weekly. So we don’t have the funds we normally had, but we’re still in pretty good shape.”

The signature event hosted by the charity takes place on August long weekend as a two-day free that simulates rural life in the 1930s.

Like many annual staples, the event couldn’t go ahead in 2020, but the volunteer group took the time to make several improvements at the site.

New additions include a big overhead shed that will store four antique threshing machines, a new donation booth, a dental office, root cellar, a new raft, and windmill. Flooding issues were also tackled along with annual grass cutting.

Naundorf said the group got creative to still garner donations. Residents donated items for an online auction that “brought us some money.”

The charity is entering its 22nd year of assisting families after a cancer diagnosis with transportation and housing costs. They hope the event can return as anticipated this summer.

“That’s the game plan. We’ll have to probably make a decision whether we are or not by June 1,” said Naundorf.

“The interest is so high. People haven’t lost interest in it, so that’s the important part. We still have all the volunteers. Hopefully, if we have the event it should be OK.”

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