Friday , 3 December 2021

New outbreaks in St. Paul and Cold Lake

Two new outbreaks of COVID-19 in the Lakeland were added to the provincial listing on Wednesday.

St. Paul’s Sunnyside Manor and Cold Lake’s Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre are both listed as having outbreaks of the virus.

Continuing care facilities reach outbreak status after two or more confirmed cases of COVID-19, while shelter outbreaks are declared after five or more cases.

Lakeland Connect did reach out to both Sunnyside Manor and Dr. Margaret Savage Crisis Centre late in the day Jan. 6, but was not able to reach the appropriate persons for more details.

Across the Lakeland, active case numbers continue to decrease.

Municipality Active Cases Jan. 5 Active Cases Jan. 6 Active +/-
Lac La Biche County 0 0 0
Lac La Biche 26 25 -1
I.D. 349 0 0 0
M.D. of Bonnyville No. 87 80 69 -11
City of Cold Lake 49 47 -2
County of St. Paul No. 19 75 75 0
Smoky Lake County 47 46 -1
County of Two Hills No. 21 8 8 0
County of Vermilion River 16 16 0


Local Geographic Area Active Cases Jan. 5 Active Cases Jan. 6 Active +/-
Lac La Biche (Lac La Biche County, NW Smoky Lake County & I.D. 349) 28 27 -1
Smoky Lake (Nearby Smoky Lake County & West Thorhild County) 5 6 +1
Bonnyville (Nearby Bonnyville MD) 69 58 -11
Cold Lake (East Bonnyville MD) 49 47 -2
St. Paul (Saddle Lake and Surrounding St. Paul County) 81 80 -1
Frog Lake (West St. Paul County & South Bonnyville MD) 45 44 -1
Two Hills County 8 8 0
Vermilion River County 22 22 0

Another 25 people in Alberta died of COVID-19 yesterday, but there were no new deaths in the Lakeland.

According to data released by the provincial government, there were 1,098 new cases across the province on Jan. 5. Hospitalizations are down slightly to 911, but 141 people are in intensive care.

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