Sunday , 2 October 2022
David Moseley accepting the Peer Recognition Award.

Firefigher David Moseley wins Peer Recognition Award

In late September, Lac La Biche County held the Firefighter Awards Ceremony, which was a way to recognize the firefighters who have served in the community for many years.

A firefighter that was recognized by his peers for his dedication and hard work is David Moseley, who won the Peer Recognition Award.

Moseley has been a firefighter for 28 years, spending 20 of those years in Lac La Biche.

“Since it’s a peer award, it’s quite humbling to receive it. I was happy when I found out that they thought of me when it came time to deciding who should win it,” said Moseley.

The Peer Recognition Award is for individuals who contribute greatly to the team, bring a positive attitude to the job, and demonstrate commitment and loyalty to their coworkers.

“A good firefighter should do it to serve and to help people, that’s the biggest thing. No one should be a firefighter for ego or for prestige. I am told this is a prestigious award, but being a firefighter is about teamwork,” said Moseley.

In a Facebook post by Lac La Biche County, they acknowledged their appreciation for the many firefighter who have selflessly dedicated their time to help the community.

“We’d like to congratulate all award recipients for their hard work and dedication, and express our appreciation to all on-call firefighters for the sacrifices they make each day to keep our community safe.”

Other firefighters that were recognized during the awards ceremony is Mark Wieb for 25 years of service, Shane Bair for 20 years of service, Brad Semeniuk, Draper Dempsey and Jarrett Austin for 10 years of service, and Jeff Bleach for 5 years of service.

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