Sunday , 25 July 2021

Complex road reconstruction in Cold Lake enters final phase

The City of Cold Lake is nearing completion on a challenging roadway reconstruction project.

The stretch of the 53 Avenue roadway between 57A Street and 58 Street in Cold Lake South has been under construction for some time due to complex soil conditions and a high water table.

The deep utility infrastructure also required an overhaul and the underground conditions which led to the roadway’s failure also made replacement of the deep utilities challenging.

With the underground utility work now complete, local contractor E-Construction has won a $425,000 contract to complete the restoration of the roadway.

“We need to thank the residents in the area for their patience with this multi-year project,” Mayor Craig Copeland said. “We know that these projects can be an inconvenience, but a job well done will mean infrastructure that will serve residents well into the future, and we are entering the last phase of the work in this area.”

Work to replace the utility infrastructure, including the sanitary sewer and water infrastructure upgrades, correct soil conditions, and mitigate the water table began in 2018 and cost a total of $805,000.

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