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Caitlyn Live with Lakeland Credit Union who is making a cheque presentation today to the Cold Lake Food Bank. Live today thanks to Bluewave Energy Bonnyville, Lloyd Sadd Demers' Insurance Brokers & Caouette & Sons Implements Ltd.!

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Friday, September 18, 2020

Lakeland Credit Union donates $100K to food banks

On Friday, Lakeland Credit Union made two substantial donations to the food banks of Cold Lake and Bonnyville in support of each organization’s efforts to help residents impacted by COVID-19.

Both organizations received $50,000, and it was the largest single donation that both had received.

“I’ve got to say, we’re a bit overwhelmed by the generosity of this check,” said Phil Crump, food bank volunteer for Cold Lake.

“I must admit when I got a phone call about this donation I thought it was a prank.

“The Cold Lake branch has long been the key connection we have with the community, and we’re so grateful for their generosity, as well as the residents and businesses that support us.”

The food bank has seen a spike in residents in need of their service since the slew of economic uncertainties created by COVID-19, including loss of work, and childcare disruptions since the beginning of the new school year.

The bank hopes that the donated money will help to alleviate food shortages.

“Our members are always very supportive of the community, and the food bank in Cold Lake is part of that community,” said Charmaine Code board chair of Lakeland Credit Union.

“We recognized the need that they had, and saw it as an opportunity on our end to help remove some of the stress that families are experiencing at this time, which we’re very happy to do.”

Lakeland Credit Union and Bonnyville Friendship Centre employees pose with the donation made Friday. Image credit: Friendship Centre.

Local leaders such as M.D. Reeve Greg Sawchuk, MLA David Hanson, and each community’s respective mayors also made appearances to congratulate the food banks and to thank Lakeland Credit Union for their donations.

When asked what activities the Cold Lake food bank was currently taking part in, Crump revealed the organization had recently partnered with many schools in the community to help support student lunch programs, as well as partnering with Cold Lake FASD to help supplement meals for patients.

“This will help keep us in shape, and allow us to have groceries available for our neighbours should they need it.”

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