Saturday , 15 May 2021

Animal trap agreement deferred to Public Works

A decision on the proposed ‘Animal Trap Agreement’ for the Town of Elk Point has been deferred to the Public Works meeting on Oct. 13 following a lengthy discussion by town council.

Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the town of Elk Point, Ken Gwordz noted that the proposed bylaw comes from the town of St. Paul. “We were looking to see if it would work here.”

As drafted, the agreement would put responsibility for trapped animals on the person using them.

“Anyone who would essentially be borrowing a trap would have to agree to take any animals that they trap to an SPCA or a veterinary clinic. It tracks where our traps are also,” said Tammy Goddu, the bylaw enforcement and animal control officer for the town.

“I think when we’re dropping off traps there should be some sort of onus on the owner to watch the trap. And in the animal trap agreement it allows for certain times to set the trap as opposed to just setting it and leaving it.”

Elk Point Mayor Lorne Young had some concerns.

“I’m having a hard time justifying this in my head. I agree with the trapping of the animals and having to take responsibility for it because we have low manpower and if they want to take care of that action themselves that’s great, but this taking the animal somewhere? I kind of feel like that’s our responsibility,” said Young.

Deputy Mayor Terri Hampson said the agreement as drafted would discourage her from calling to rent a trap in the first place.

“There’s just too many rules. And it says to set the trap in a shaded or sheltered area. Well, what if that’s not where the badger hole is, now I can’t trap it? I might as well go buy my own trap is really what this is forcing me to do after I read it, I felt like there was too many things that we’re asking the owner or the resident to do,” said Hampson.

Gwordz echoed the concerns of council, “we didn’t want to discourage people from renting the trap.”

UPDATE: Council has since voted not to adopt the bylaw.

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