Saturday , 15 May 2021

⛽️Chelsea is LIVE at Lakeland Co-op because tomorrow is FUEL GOOD DAY!! 😊 🔹Fill up tomorrow & 10 cents will be donated to Bonnyville Victim Services!! Come on down & fill up for a good cause! 🔹

Posted by Lakeland Connect on Monday, September 14, 2020

Co-op’s Fuel Good Day supports Victim Services, food banks

Lakeland Co-op and Cornerstone Co-op will be hosting their 3rd annual Fuel Good Day in support of local non-profit organizations and food banks on Tuesday, September 15th.

“We take one day from the year, pick a nonprofit group in the community, and we try to raise a little money to help them out,” said Lakeland Co-op staff member Donna Jubinville.

Bonnyville’s location will be donating 10 cents per litre from every fuel purchase and donating it to the town’s Victim Services society, while both Lakeland and Cornerstone Co-op will donate one dollar for every Co-operative Coffee or Big Cool drink purchased throughout the day.

Cornerstone locations in Vermilion, Wainwright, and St. Paul will also be donating five cents from every litre of fuel purchased to their community food banks.

“Anything we raise for Fuel Good Day stays in the community through local charities,” said Cornerstone staff member Dennis Reid.

Donations can also be made at each community’s Co-op Gas Bar.

Last year Lakeland Co-op managed to raise approximately $1100 alone for the Bonnyville Boys and Girls Club, while between each of the four communities over $4000 was raised.

Cornerstone staff are asking patrons to make their way there through the store’s alternate entrances due to continued road construction in the community.

“We’re happy to be able to give back to our community and support the food bank because with COVID, the oilfield, and everything else families are really in need this year,” said Reid.

With files from Angela Mouly.

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