Friday , 7 May 2021

Woman seeking owner of unique tool belt found in Cold Lake

An Edmonton woman is on the hunt for the owner of a unique tool belt that was found in a Cold Lake storage locker, and she’s determined to track them down.

Pam Dornbusch was given the belt her by her mother along with other tools belonging to her late father, and immediately noticed how it was made.

In place of a typical belt buckle was a GM-emblazoned seatbelt fixture and a heartfelt message from a Christmas long ago.

“When I asked her where they came from she said she had no idea, she never paid attention to the tool room, that’s my job,” said Dornbusch.

“We don’t know how or when it got mixed in with his stuff, his tools have been in storage for the last two years.”

The tool belt is described as a leather Kuny’s three-pouch with two hammer holders, along with the novel belt buckle, which Dornbusch said was quite ingenious.

On the belt’s backside is an engravement: “To my Dear Dad From [what is presumed to say] Trevor Merry Xmas 1982”.

Dornbusch has been adamant in her desire to return the belt to its rightful owner.

“I have tools from my late father, and I would be devastated if they went missing,” she said.

“These items provided for someone’s family — they belong to whoever “Dear Dad” would’ve handed them down to.

“I say the universe dropped them in our lap because it knew I would go on the mission to find the rightful owners.”

Dornbusch invites anyone with information on who the belt’s owner might be to email her at [email protected] or to message her on Twitter.

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