Saturday , 15 May 2021
Jalene Mauws, new CLASS CEO.

New CLASS CEO–new passion for learning

CLASS welcomed Jalene Mauws as their new CEO this week.

She is very excited to be involved promoting lifelong learning at Vermilion River’s Community Learning for Adult Students Society (CLASS).

Established in 1973, CLASS became a non-profit organization over 20 years ago.

They offer English language classes, family literacy, digital literacy and general interest classes.

“I feel like I’m coming to a clean slate,” said Mauws.

“With COVID classes were shut down and some ran online. Now we will have the opportunity to incorporate some new ideas and fresh plans while working with smaller class sizes.”

CLASS currently has approximately ten English language learners enrolled for their upcoming 8–10 week program.

Mauws was drawn to her new role because of the influence they have in helping new families to Canada. Within a short time, she has enjoyed creating bonds with her peers and students.

“I think helping newcomers get established in the community is so important because there is so much to literacy, even the communication in a grocery story or with their children in school,” said Mauws.

“I can’t imagine being somewhere without that kind of support.”

Funded by Alberta Advanced Education, CLASS services the whole County of Vermilion River. Mauws plans to continue branching out and help CLASS become more active in Vermilion’s surrounding communities.

General interest classes tend to be larger in size and are scheduled throughout the year.

Mauws is currently looking at new and creative ways to revamp programming while finding alternative spaces to host them. Dates for new classes will be announced later this fall.

For more information you can visit classab.ca.

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