Friday , 7 May 2021
Bold Center

Masks not mandatory, but recommended at Bold Center

The Bold Center strongly suggests its visitors to wear masks in the common areas.

As students begin to funnel back into the J.A. Williams High School doors again, there are now stricter precautions the recreational facility next door is putting into place.

The issue of having the Bold Center become more congested now that the students are back to school was addressed during this weeks Council meeting.

Darrell Lessmeister, the Senior Manager of Recreation and Community Enhancement for Lac La Biche County, discussed the importance of masks in the recreation center for everyone’s safety.

However, wearing masks are not mandatory for the Bold Center, they are strongly recommended, especially through the hallways.

“Masks aren’t required at the Bold Center, but we are encouraging visitors to wear masks when physical distancing cannot be achieved, especially during school hours,” said Jihad Moghrabi, the Communications Manager for Lac La Biche County.

“We have a high school attached, and we’re trying to be consistent between the two buildings. Those participating in the activities or eating are, of course, not expected to wear masks.”

Now that there will be more people passing through the hallways, and using the facility, the cleaning crews for the recreational center will be sanitizing more frequently.

There is also additional signage at the center which lets visitors know what the most common COVID-19 symptoms are, and if anyone exhibits any of the symptoms listed they are asked to not enter the building.

All of the tables and chairs in the food court have been removed because having them would not allow for people to socially distance.

Everyone has to sign in at either the table or the desk upon arrival so the Bold Center staff can keep track of who was in attendance each day in case there happens to be a possible COVID-19 outbreak. Students are exempt from signing in during lunch hours.

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