Thursday , 17 June 2021

St. Paul’s Capella Centre hosting scavenger hunt

The Capella Centre in St. Paul will be hosting a scavenger hunt in August to help bring awareness to the group’s various social media pages and the programs they offer.

“We’re trying to bring awareness to our Facebook pages and especially all of our different programs,” said Domestic Violence Community Coordinator Tanya Boorse. “We offer much more than just women-oriented assistance.”

The scavenger hunt will run from the 10th to the 14th of August, and will involve searching for seven unique posters that highlight various programs offered by the shelter.

Capella Centre is primarily known as a woman’s shelter, but also offers protection for children and men suffering from domestic abuse.

The centre is an entirely non-profit organization.

The posters highlighting the various programs offered by Capella will be hung at businesses partnered with Capella around town, and participants will upload a picture to Facebook where they’ll be entered into a daily draw for prizes.

The contest will also include a unique twist — program representatives will record a video discussing the details of what their program will offer. Contest participants will then be able to answer questions posted by Capella on Facebook for better chances in prize draws.

Some businesses that are likely to have a poster hung somewhere in their building include Peeve Mart, Giant Tiger, Fashion Fusion, and H&R Block.

There is no registration required to participate in the contest, and to account for anyone working during the day there will be no designated start time. Prizes will be handed out daily at 7:30pm.

“Anyone can participate. The more the merrier,” said Boorse.


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