Wednesday , 28 July 2021
Nick Onciul and Chenoa Kaufman are two of the teen leaders for the Family Feud nights.

Family Feud and improv games for FCSS’ Teen Social Club

Family Feud, improv games, and a free dinner with friends is what the Teen Social Club (TSC) was up to this week.

The FCSS run club was at the Bold Center’s Devon Room from Tuesday to Thursday and the teen leaders organized the night, from coming up with the Family Feud questions to hosting the game show and guiding everyone through the various improv games that were chosen. 

“They’ve been really enjoying these TSC nights, it’s just great we can do something to get them together,” said Christine Martin, FCSS community outreach worker.

“It’s funny because we do the same thing for the three nights but each night is so different depending on the group of teens, so it’s been really interesting to watch.”

Every night there is a different group so more teens can participate while also keeping the amount of people in one room low.

Normally they would all be together, but because of COVID-19 there are restrictions in place only allowing eleven teens per night at their usual room in McArthur Place. 

Martin says the COVID-19 regulations have thrown the group some curveballs to work with, but the teens have been really good at social distancing and making sure to organize activities that would be regulation friendly.

“They are pretty good at following the new rules we have because of COVID-19, they are old enough now that they know what not to do,” said Martin.

“Sometimes they are better than me, because I will suggest things like beach volleyball but they remind me that we can’t because everyone would be touching the ball. So keeping everyone safe is always at the forefront of our minds and the teen leaders minds while these nights get planned.”

The group is also given a free dinner and because of the virus the FCSS leaders have to wear masks and gloves while serving everyone. They are also keeping each other in check when it comes to social distancing and keeping the area sanitized.

“We do everything we absolutely can to try to ease the risk, and we only ever bring food from a restaurant we don’t ever make our own food. Usually with our other programs one of us would cook dinner or bring desserts, but we don’t do that now, it’s too much of a risk,” says Martin.

Each week there is a different activity or theme TSC participates in. So far they have done tie-dye, photography, a 50’s night, and bubble soccer. Their next theme is the Olympics where there will be ten activities such as hurdles, water balloon tosses, and relay races. 

“It’s a mix of activities so if you’re not super athletic you can still participate, but if you are athletic there will also be that challenge for you,” says Martin.

Martin says there will also be trophies and multiple different caterers so they can have food from around the world for their Olympics theme.

“We’ve got about five different caterers next week, we will have sushi, a French meat pie called Tourtiere, perogies, and either pasta or pizza for Italy.”

For those that want to participate in the TSC nights, register by calling Martin at 780-520-7183, or emailing at [email protected]

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