Thursday , 17 June 2021
Bonnyville and District FCSS.

Parent Wellness Compass helping those feeling lost

The Lakeland Family Resource Network (LFRN) has unveiled their Parent Wellness Compass this week, which will provide parents young and old with guidance in order to maximize positive changes in their lives.

The program’s first date will be held on Aug. 5 at the Bonnyville Parent Child Centre with limited seats available, however future dates are expected to pop up.

The program is described as a mixture of education and life coaching to help address the growing concern of parental mental health, focusing on relationships, handling emotions, stress, and building resilience among other areas.

“Parents sometimes forget that they need to take care of their own well being in order to have a healthy family,” said FCSS programmer Leanne Doonanco.

“We’re hoping that the program will provide parents an opportunity to pause so they can reflect on their families and explore their values and ideals.”

Mental health concerns have been a frequent topic since the provincial shutdown in March, but Doonanco said that the program was in the works before COVID-19 was even on the radar.

While the program is geared towards a group environment, the LFRN has acknowledged that some parents would be more comfortable in a one-on-one meeting and are prepared to accommodate

“We’re all about providing opportunities for care building in the community, and with this program we’re focusing on taking care of the caregivers,” said Doonanco.

The LFRN is currently accepting reservations at no cost and anyone that’s interested in participating in the program can call 780-826-2120.

The program begins  on Aug. 5 from 1:00pm-3:00pm.

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